All wearable art designs are inspired and based on Mind, Emotions, and Consciousness to better understand these concepts and develop psychological and emotional intelligence. Grounded on the concept of enclothed cognition i.e we take on attributes of objects we wear, which has been explored in various tribal cultures throughout the world, these wearables are a reminder and attempt at making the wearer a better self. All designs are unique and one of a kind, carefully and lovingly hand embroidered and made in Finland. All materials and yarns, used are waste, recycled, or sustainably sourced.

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Hand-tufted Totems

Emotion Rocks

Hand-tufted emotion rocks, which can also transform into pendants or necklaces. These tufted rocks were inspired by different aspects of consciousness that develop emotional intelligence. Fifteen emotions or aspects are analysed to understand their complete interpretation or meaning. Understanding these aspects can alter our perception and effect our reality for the better.

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The blob theory was collection of hand embroidered wearable art, consisting of earring, patches and broaches. All pieces where designed based on different emotions and states of being. Exploring the concept of enclothed cognition i.e we take on attributes of objects we wear. Wearing a object of positive connotation can bring positive influence in our life.

I am passionate about hand embroidery and creating beautiful art pieces through this medium. I use punch needle embroidery to make all my pieces. Neo impressionism and pointillism greatly influence my work. I love making abstract representations of nature, architecture, arts, and traditional crafts. All materials I use are sustainably sourced and recycled.

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Limited Edition Series

Four Davids

Michelangelo’s David captures the unwavering courage and unexpected strength of the teen spirit and its potential to conquer insurmountable adversities. But in today’s society, teenagers are the most vulnerable and the above embroideries depict four social issues that are affecting teenagers everywhere :


Social media influence on teenagers, how it’s affecting their self-image

Rise in different addictions in teenagers.

Rise in social anxiety due to Coronavirus epidemic.

Rise in Mental health issues in teenagers



Butterflies are known for their beautiful patterns, which evolved over time for better survival of the species.  Some butterflies have "eyes spot" patterns, to mimic the eyes of predators in nature, like owls and snakes to discourage birds and other predators from feeding on them. As the world population of butterflies declines drastically because of human intervention and agricultural intensification, at present rate they can be extinct soon.


As the humans have replaced all natural predators, and have become the soul reason behind their decline, the artist attempts to imagine new patterns for butterflies to discourage and scare this new predator ; Humans.


The artist studies butterflies and moulds their wing patterns into monster's faces, in her embroideries. The entire art project is an abstract representation of disintegrating butterfly wings with iconic monsters faces from popular culture and psyche. The idea being that the butterflies are trying to scare humans away by mimicking monsters faces  in order to survive and be left alone.


A thing of beauty is a joy forever ? 

Butterflies are nature's most beautiful and fragile creatures. With beautiful fluttering wings they have beguiled the human mind through out time. Now as their population declines globally, it is frightening to imagine that one day they might totally disappear. This decline is caused by intensive agriculture, climate change, and increase in the use of pesticides.  

The artist attempts to recreate beautiful patterns from butterflies in her embroidery art. The art pieces represent, as butterflies disappear so will little bit colour from our world, which is shown by certain sections of the art pieces being devoid of colour, and in monochrome.