Different aspects of consciousness that develop emotional intelligence

Hand-tufted emotion pebbles also transform into pendants or necklaces. These tufted rocks were inspired by different aspects of consciousness that develop emotional intelligence. Fifteen emotions or aspects are analysed to understand their complete interpretation or meaning. Understanding these aspects can alter our perception and effect our reality for the better.


Joy in/of everything

The feeling of amazement and admiration, caused by something beautiful, remarkable, or unfamiliar.


Objective : accepting the unfamiliar without struggle and realising all this and beings are awe-inspiring.


Freedom from constraints of time.

the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.


Objective : an ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay


Desire to eliminate another’s suffering

When confronted with another’s suffering, feeling motivated to relieve it.

Objective: to cultivate empathy, understand suffering, facilitate problem-solving, and willingness to volunteer help.


The Absolute truth of being

Simultaneously experiencing and expressing interest or pleasure. It is an absolute state of being, free from expectations, attachments, time, space, and reality.


Objective: to experience the true expression of self-awareness.


State of happiness/joy free from cause or effect

There are no undesirable aspects of self, all aspects or components of self are favourable and can facilitate happiness. Brought on by clarity, acceptance, unity, and peace within self.


Objective: Realising that true happiness is a choice of the mind.


Agreement with/acceptance of difference.

Agreement of ideas, feelings, or actions, or a pleasing combination of different parts of one’s self or another’s.


Objective: Understanding relationships between various components of self and how they are interdependent.


Absence of struggle

The action of consenting to receive the reality of a situation without attempting to change and protest it. Allowing favourable and unfavourable experiences (thoughts, feelings, and urges) to come and go without struggling with them.


Objective: To impartially observe what is happening(now), without judgement and biases.


Appreciation of/in existence

Recognising pleasure, appreciation, and contentment in the existing state of being(now) and not seeking to alter it. Gratitude exists in three stages; Recognition, acknowledgement, and appreciation

Objective: Cultivating a positive perception of life by realising how all experiences can be beneficial for us.


Freedom from contamination

A lack of unmixed-ness or influence between internal self-awareness and external illusions/attachments of mind/world.


Objective: Perceiving absolute reality free from biases, emotions, beliefs, and ego.



a conscious, deliberate decision to release undesirable emotions toward a person, group, or object which caused hurt or upheaval. 

The act of forgiveness is unassociated and independent from the object of forgiveness.


Objective: to facilitate peace, eliminate anguish/illusion and achieve freedom from another’s narrative.


Realising the endless potential of all things and experiences

Assurance that all possibilities good or bad, come together to make a better resilient whole.


Objective: To overcome fear and anxiety of being insufficient, and understand that the self is infinite.


Fulfilment in Anticipation

Finding balance and fulfilment in anticipation of all things. It is free from expectations, desire, or obtainment. 


Objective: Achieving an alternate state of consciousness, during suffering.


Absence of conflict

Condition of mind brought by resolution of conflicts and absence of intent of conflicts through self-awareness. Brought on by clarity, acceptance, and unity of different variables within the self.


Objective: To experience true freedom within the self.


Recognising sameness between self and all life.

A type of behaviour marked by consideration, or concern for others/self, without expecting a reward. Realising and perceiving a reflection of self in all living things.


Objective: Pleasure in being considerate to self/others, similarities and interconnectedness existing between all beings/life.



Path, direction, intention, and control exerted to do something or restrain mind and emotions. Will is an aspect of consciousness and not of the mind and can separate the mind for the true self.


Objective: Achieving control over mind and emotions.

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