"Art is a conversation that can change the world"

Artist Statement

My work reflects my peculiar interest in the mind, emotions and consciousness of all things - the point where corporeal meets ethereal. And I explore these concepts through my work and my research in psychology, philosophy, and different schools of spirituality, which help me analyse and understand our psyche, behaviour, and motivations as a species and how art and design can be used as a trigger to generate beneficial change in ourselves and the world. 


Process, the act of making a ‘thing’, is scared in all my designs and Flow, the state of ideal creativity, is my driving force. 



Geetika Gulia is a Fashion and Textile Designer that is passionate about art, design, and textiles. She has extensive experience in developing textiles and fabric patterns, which she further expanded to her embroidery work. She loves to play with colors, textures, and shapes. 


Geetika studied Textile Design at the prestigious, National Institute of Design, India. And it is here that she was introduced to the world of traditional textiles and embroideries. Later her fascination for renaissance art led her to Italy Milano, She did her post-graduation from Domus Academy Milano Italy in Fashion Design. She has lived and worked in India, Italy, Finland, China, and the UK where she continued to work, expand and cultivate her love and knowledge for textile techniques and art. She has worked in the textile, fashion, and interior design industries for many years. Her multiple designs have been featured by numerous brands and manufacturers.


Working as a commercial designer for many years gave her the opportunity to observe the inverse effects the industry practices have on our environment and the world. So in 2020, she branched out as a textile and embroidery artist. And in 2022 she expanded her interest in hand tufted embroidery into a wearable art brand inspired by enclothed cognition, emotional intelligence and consciousness.


Geetika currently works from her studio based in Espoo, Finland.