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HARMONY : "Agreement with/acceptance of difference"
Agreement of ideas, feelings, or actions, or a pleasing combination of different parts of one’s self or another’s. Objective: Understanding relationships between various components of self and how they are interdependent.
Bliss : State of happiness/joy free from cause or effect.
Bliss State of happiness/joy free from cause or effect. There are no undesirable aspects of self, all aspects or components of self are favorable and can facilitate happiness. Brought on by clarity, acceptance, unity, and peace within self. Objective: Realising that true happiness is a choice of the mind.

Acceptance : "Absence of struggle"
The action of consenting to receive the reality of a situation without attempting to change and protest it. Allowing favorable and unfavorable experiences (thoughts, feelings, and urges) to come and go without struggling with them. Objective: To impartially observe what is happening(now), without judgment and biases.
Gratitude : "Appreciation of/in existence"
Recognizing pleasure, appreciation, and contentment in the existing state of being(now) and not seeking to alter it. Gratitude exists in three stages; Recognition, acknowledgment, and appreciation Objective: Cultivating a positive perception of life by realizing how all experiences(good or bad) can be beneficial for us.

Forgiveness = Release = Freedom
A conscious, deliberate decision to release undesirable emotions toward a person, group, or object which caused hurt or upheaval. The act of forgiveness is unassociated and independent from the object of forgiveness. Objective: to facilitate peace, eliminate anguish/illusion and achieve freedom from another’s narrative.
Love : The absolute truth of being
Simultaneously, experiencing and expressing interest or pleasure. It is an absolute state of being, free from expectations, attachments, time, space, and reality. Objective: to experience the true expression of self-awareness.

How self forms the identity ?
Emotions form behavior which then becomes our identity. If we want to change our behavior or identity, we first need to understand how we interact with emotions.
Who are you?
Who are you? Are you, your mind, or your intellect, or your body, or your beliefs? Or are you all of them? Or are you something more? Our mind, memories, intellect, emotions, body, ego, and beliefs are ever-changing and never constant or absolute. But our consciousness is constant, this awareness that you are, you exist, without names or tags, a possibility of endless potential, unbound and without definition.

Meditation for "self-realisation"
When only a singularity remains, body, mind, world, self, and consciousness all become one. In this, all three states of consciousness (i.e awake, sleeping, and dreaming) are merged into one state. This state generates liberation from all illusions of mind, space, time, and reality.
"Meditation for Enlightenment"
When only the object of focus and the observer's consciousness towards the object remain, the rest is eliminated. Mind, body, and world cease to exist.

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