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See the me in you
Are we not all the same, sure we have differences, but those differences make us more similar. We are all similarly different. We need to see our reflection in others. When there is no you and me, that is true consciousness.
Where you begin, and when you begin is not important. Neither is where you end up, or what you end up with. The only thing which is important in life is the process and the journey! So build your castles in the sand, again and again, it doesn't matter if they last or not.

Live life with ...
Being kind, Being in love, and Being grateful, make us human BEINGS! Live your life BEING!
Your soulmate exists within you. Love yourself and accept yourself.

Love hug
Love is self-absolute and has no attachments or expectations.
Be Kind
When you can't do anything else, be kind. Before you are kind to someone else, be kind to yourself. Be considerate to yourself. Because kindness is a state of being once you embody it while practicing with yourself, you will be considerate to everyone and everything around you.